A very special candle from the Flamingo Estate in California.
Rosemary, “the mist of the sea,” is the objet d’amour of Romans, Greeks and honeybees everywhere. It’s also the not-so-secret ingredient in this 100% vegetable wax candles, hand-poured into sturdy, reusable containers.

Limited edition. Exclusively available in the UK to Grace Sisters.


Style Code: GS197/8/9

Nett weight 8oz
Over 60 hours burn time
100% vegetable wax
Hand poured in Los Angeles

Height 9cm
Diameter 8cm

Know The Origin

The Flamingo Estate is a place, but also a philosophy. They use the highest quality ingredients possible; given the choice between something cheap or something good, they always choose good. Mother Nature is our doctor, therapist and friend. They support biodiversity, soil enrichment, ecosystem health and regenerative farm practices. Growers and makers who share their values have a home, and they commit to plant 1 tree for every product sold. Tested only on people. All of the packaging used is recyclable.Flamingo Estates products are all vegan and they do not contain any GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances. Good for you, good for the environment.

The Maker


In the 1940s, a pair of handsome, determined entrepreneurs arrived in California to build their vision of an earthly paradise high in the hills above Los Angeles. The flamingo-pink house at the top of the hill became a hedonistic enclave, hidden by a lush orchard and dense garden.

Over the next seven decades, the Flamingo Estate became the headquarters for a pioneering erotic film company, a creative retreat for photographers and artists, a pirate-radio station, a publishing company, a political fundraiser, and an unlikely center for cultural self-examination and expanding notions of art.

The Estate’s sprawling garden is now home to over 150 new botanical species, including a  vibrant orchard, macadamia nuts, olives, and peaches. Together, they provide food and a home to a variety of welcome guests, including hummingbirds, owls, butterflies, and bees.

Today, it is a creative enclave and centre for environmental joy and progress.